3D Association and Golf Croquet Games,  Croquet Tutorials

LATEST -The launch of 3D Association Croquet and 3D Golf Croquet programs both of which can be played Justas if one were playing on a croquet lawn with all the same shots and ball, mallet and hoop interaction identical to reality.

Free 7 day trial

These programs are down loadable. They can be used for 7 days, after which it will be necessary to purchase licences to continue to use them. Please note that any profit from selling the programs will be donated to the Croquet Association for use to subsidise travel to international competitions for up and coming players who have limited resources.

The programs can also be used for tuition allowing tutors to demonstrate sequences of shots at all levels of the game
3D program

Association Croquet Game

Practically, anything that can be done on a croquet lawn can be simulated in the game including roquet, croquet, jump shots, hoop resilience, lifts, peels, canons, hampered shots, handicap and advanced play. One thing is better than reality. The ability to play shots in slow motion and observe the way a ball ricochets through a hoop. Clips move from hoop to hoop as they are run. A guide is provided for inexperienced AC croquet players.

Golf Croquet Game

This game also closely mirrors the actual game on the lawn. Play commences from corner 4 and follows the standard hoop sequence with clips being set on the hoops when they are run. Potential off side ball positions are notified allowing the players to determine if the ball is actually offside or arrived at that position Add to dictionary. A guide is provided and this game can be played easily by inexperienced golf croquet players.


Demonstration videos are available showing how to make breaks and use the programs.

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  • Breaks

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  • Cannons

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3D Croquet Court

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